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The Seville City Guide

Unbridled beauty, passion, and romance will overtake you in sunny Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain, has many faces. In part, it is overwhelming beauty with its hundreds of years worth of architecture and colors that can be found all around the city. Palatial cathedrals, fortresses, plazas, and even a palace can be found amongst Seville’s beauty. On the other hand, it is always a place to lay back and relax. There is no rush and no rules except for having a good time with friends and family. It is fiery passion that is showcased through art, poetry, and of course, flamenco. This city has no shortage of entertainment as you walk its many barrios.

Where to Stay

Hotel Alfonso XIII
Live like kings on your stay in Seville and enjoy the royal treatment with top-notch concierge service, luxurious interiors, and four renowned in-house restaurants. Once used as housing for traveling dignitaries and visiting royals, Hotel Alfonso XIII Hotel is rich in atmosphere and in history. View on Google.

Hotel Palacio de Villapanes
Occupying an 18th century Andalusian palace, with a stellar spa & wellness center, this luxury hotel will outdo any Spanish daydream you’ve ever conjured up.  You’ll be stunned by the exquisite rooms and the top-notch service of this hotel as well as all its history, and it is perfectly situated in the very heart of Seville.  With a gorgeous rooftop terrace and pool, you’ll feel as if you are yours are a very integral part of this ancient and intoxicating European city. View on Google.

Hotel Casa 1800
Simple and elegant, this hotel has much to offer a couple who want a romantic getaway. With its enchanting interior, beautiful cathedral views, rooftop pool, and solarium, Hotel Casa 1800 is nothing short of magical. View on Google.

Where to Eat

Restaurant el Rinconcillo
Known as the oldest bar in Seville, it boasts a wide assortment of traditional Andalucian-Mozarabic fares and succulent wines. While it is most popular with the locals, Rinconcillo is beloved by everyone who walks through its doors. View on Google.

Vineria San Telmo
Bright colorful cuisine, excellent wine, and mouthwatering Tapas from all over with different taste profiles and textures can be found at the Vineria San Telmo. With its intimate setting, this is a great place to take your love on a date night out. View on Google.

El Perro Viejo
This low-lit Tapas bar is bursting at the seams with fresh, authentic, savory, flavor. Part of a group of restaurants, the Perro Viejo is just a two-minute walk from the Mushrooms and is a great place to stop and grab a bite to eat. View on Google.

Where to Shop

Verde Moscu
True to its vision, the Verde Moscu is an eco-friendly store whose wares feature simple clothing made from organic materials. This fashion and environmentally forward shopping spot is great for those who want a planet-friendly style. View on Google.

The Historic Thursday Market
Ancient and entertaining, you can take your love to the historic Thursday market to explore the many stalls that feature authentic Seville made goods. You can find everything from vintage goods to household knick-knacks. View on Google.

Micaela Villa
Take home a great memory of your time in Seville with your significant other from Micaela Villa, one of the leading Flamenco shops in the area. Here you will find dresses, shawls, fans, and accessories that will make you look and feel like a true Flamenco star. View on Google.

Best Place to Watch The Sunset

Setas de Seville
Otherwise known as “The Mushrooms”, these towering works or art allow you to climb to the top where you will find a long walk way for you and your love to watch a perfect Seville Sunset. While the name is not very enchanting, we can assure you that the view of the sun setting over the city will be. View on Google.

Perfect Picnic Spot

The Royal Alcazar de Sevilla
Allow yourselves to be swept away by this royal palace and its lush green gardens. With over 1,000 years of history and its long standing reputation as one of the most beautiful places in Spain, this picnic spot provides the perfect atmosphere for love and romance. View on Google.

Date night idea

La Casa del Flamenco
Let in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, this intimate setting is sure to make sparks fly. Find your duende with your love as you watch live flamenco artists perform and display the full glory of their cultural heritage. View on Google.

Places to get lost in

Casa de Pilatos
This once glorious castle now stands to serve as one of the most beautiful historic sights and art galleries in Seville. Be transported back in time as you walk its ancient halls and take in the grandeur of all its artistic contents. View on Google.

Hidden Romantic Spot

Museo de Bellas Artes
This lesser known museum has a secret wooden maze at its center. With gorgeous art, fantastical architecture, and a wide range of new things to discover, you and your love will feel as though you have been taken to another time and place. View on Google.

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