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Amongst the crowded streets, hidden away from the rest of the world, london offers beautiful places where romance flourishes and seduction is a generous mistress.

When people think of London, they probably think about Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Beatles, posh castles and high society of Downton Abbey (a place that you can actually visit by the way). What most people don’t know is that amongst the crowded streets, hidden away from the rest of the world, are beautiful offerings unlike any other place on the planet. From its mainstream attractions to its hidden alleyways, underground pubs, beautiful tea gardens, luscious green parks, and rivers, this historical city holds enchantment and romance for all.

Where to Stay

Claridge’s London
A feast for the senses, this Mayfair neighborhood hotel is the epitome of timeless elegance and glamour. Embodying the grand English style, impeccable service is the de rigueur at this is absolutely one of the best 5-star hotels in the world. Book the afternoon tea service here and fall head-long into the wonder, beauty and deliciousness of Goldie’s favorite tea service in all of London! View on Google.

Kimpton Fitzroy
You will be beyond dazzled walking up to this decadent and palatial hotel, and will most certainly feel like certified royalty as you enter into the grandiose sweeping marble lobby. This hotel dramatically astonishes the senses at every turn and is the perfect haven for retreat from the bustling goodness that is home to Big Ben. View on Google.

Como the Halkin
The Como is a 41 room boutique hotel discreetly located in the heart of Belgravia and is a serene light-filled space that immediately sets one at ease in the midst of this teeming city. The best place in London to feel like you’re indeed on vacation…snuggle up with your sweetie in matching soft robes, order room service and enjoy a sexy night in after traipsing the city streets. View on Google.

Where to Eat

Claridge’s Afternoon Tea
Beyond decadent and delicious, this glorious hotel houses The Foyer and Reading Room where afternoon tea is elevated to a truly royal level. The immaculate spread of fine teas, fancy sandwiches, pastries and freshly baked scones that are so etherally light they will literally take your breath away, will leave you feeling like a tried and true Londoner. This midday tradition is not only done right here, you’ll leave fully satisfied heart, soul and tummy! View on Google.

Black Axel Mangal (BAM)
Located in London’s Highbury, this brash and delicious mashup of bistro and Turkish kebabbery is sure to be full of great music, stellar cocktails, heroically delightful blistered flatbread, sultry and sweet grilled meats and Fun with a capital “F.” View on Google.

Towpath Cafe
For many a Hackney resident, this is a regular weekly pilgrimage of brunch excellence, and joining in as a fellow “local” you will be delighted and dazzled by fresh and authentically homemade cakes and pastries and makes for an idyllic afternoon pick-me-up. DO NOT leave without sampling the absolute must- try, the legendary cheese toastie (aka America’s grilled cheese English cousin!) View on Google.

Where to Shop

Selfridges London
Voted the world’s best department store, Selfridges is a feast for the eyes, stomach and wallet. Housed on iconic Oxford Street, this gem caters to every whim one might have while in London…raw food bar? Yes! Christmas Shop extraordinaire? Heck Yes! Heavenly gelato bar? Absolutely! Proper London fashion? But of course, mate! View on Google.

Books for Cooks
Check out this London foodie revelation that is full to the gills with cookbooks, food writing, fiction and so much more. This doyenne of food books even has a test kitchen where perusers can sample many of the recipes that the exemplary staff is cooking up. View on Google.

Liberty London
Walk into this technicolor dream of floral fabric and get ready to bowled over by the beautiful wood-paneled interior and grand Tudor-style atmosphere that is ripe for shopping not just the Liberty brand itself, but a carefully curated collection of some of the best brands on the planet. Do not miss the Scarf Hall where the knowledgeable staff will school you on how to tie the perfect English scarf! View on Google.

Best Place to Watch The Sunset

Sky Garden
The infamous Sky Garden, or the Walkie Talkie as the locals call it, is an attraction that all couples should experience. With 35 floors, two bars and restaurants, and glorious indoor gardens, you and your love can experience an all in one exclusive date night. However, one of this building’s better features is its large observation deck and balcony. After dinner at any one of the Garden’s delectable restaurants, head up to the top floor, grab a glass of wine, and take a stroll out on the veranda as you watch the setting sun reveal London’s beautiful skyline. Sparks are sure to fly at this uniquely elevated venue. View on Google.

Perfect Picnic Spot

Hampstead Heath
Enjoy a bit of greenery and fresh air in one of London’s most well-loved parks. Hampstead Heath boasts picture-perfect views of the city with its many high points, while its enchanting surroundings, including Victorian mansions, delightful ponds, and bright open skies, create a quaint and romantic ambiance. Hampstead Heath also features a wide array of activities to capture most everyone’s attention. Such features include Parliament Hill, Golders Hill Park, and an unprecedented amount of grasslands and ancient woodland to make you feel as though you have been swept away in a fairytale. View on Google.

Date Night Idea

The Royal Observatory Greenwich
During the day, the Greenwich Observatory is a fantastic attraction. Opened in 1676, the observatory played an essential role in the UK’s astronomical advances. It also happens to contain the true Prime Meridian and other wonderful views that overlook the river, Thames, and the rest of the city, making it a prime spot for exploration. However, its true romantic attraction lies in the evening sky with the rest of the stars. After dinner, treat your love to an astronomical experience like no other, with a planetarium show, “The Sky Tonight”, a chance to look through an 18-ton Victorian telescope, and some time on the Meridian Line with amazing views and a hot drink. View on Google.

Places to get lost in

The Royal Botanical Gardens
Lose yourselves amongst the enchanting fauna and flora of the Royal Botanical Gardens. Founded in 1845 this mesmerizing assortment of stunning garden scapes hosts a wealth of attractions that steal your breath away. With an Arboretum featuring 14,000 trees, carnivorous plants, a Mediterranean garden, King Williams Temple, and a behemoth Japanese Pagoda, it is the perfect place for nature lovers, arborists, or anyone else who admires great beauty. With an exhibit of over 8.5 million living specimens, it is a timeless romantic classic that every couple should see at least once in their life. View on Google.

Hidden Romantic Spot

The Candlelight Club
Shhhh…don’t let the cat out of the bag! This hidden speakeasy, prohibition themed club will give you a sense of adventure and maybe a little bit of mischief. Unique, sexy, and fun, this hidden club is never at the same place twice. After its namesake, the Candlelight Club parties are lit by nothing but candles. A vintage DJ and live jazz band set the mood, and you must follow the dress code. Here is how it works. You and your love buy tickets to a hush-hush event. Two days before the party, you receive an email telling you where and what time the event is at. The email also includes cops who have been bribed, who to avoid, and the secret password to get in. View on Google.

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