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Finding My Way


Life is MYSTERY. Right now, in my current life’s circumstances, that feels like a nice packaged way of saying that the sometimes overwhelming darkness of the unknown, the trauma, the gut-wrenching pain is not void of purpose, but in fact, the vehicle necessary for bringing about real purpose, real life, real love.

I love that the “what & why” of this site was built for exactly such a time as this, for exactly what is happening right now, even though I did not perceive it at the time.  Initially, it was conceived to be a website about couples and marriage, but it sat on a shelf because that was not real, and that was not its purpose, and that was not how I was to follow my legend!  Nope.  This place was meant to be so much more, and I don’t even yet know what that is, but I am dreaming with God as I walk through this season, and I do know a few things…I know that through seeking hope in the things I love and was built for, surrounded by people I love, and chasing down the belief that THE UNIVERSE IS CONSPIRING IN MY FAVOR, every destination is a blessed one, every one is chalk-full of Love, every single one is my love destination!


Here’s to the overcomers! Cheers you brave motherf**ckers!!


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A guide for creating a life of love.


A resource and catalyst for adventure & connections.


Exploring the joys and comforts of culinary delights both at home and as you travel.


Embracing the beauty of you through the refinement and enjoyment of style.

The best gift you could have given her is a life of adventure

Meet Goldie (aka Katie)

A true citizen of the world, Goldie possesses an insatiable desire to live, grow, experience and expand. Falling in love with Parisian culture while obtaining her classical culinary training, a fire was lit to experience all the beauty the world has to offer. She has been described by those closest to her as “whiskey in a teacup.”  She is the first to hop on a chopper to basecamp of Everest or take her Defender over any extreme mountain pass she can find. Learning to be fearless, and deeply passionate, she is hell-bent on building a life that is one of hope, healing, joy, falling down laughing, good wine, travel, great food, dancing late into the night, cooking beautiful meals around the globe, being surrounded by her Top-Tier-do-life-with-forever people, & loving and leaning into the Great God of this Universe!



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