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the best things in life are better when experienced with your love.

The world seems to have a hyper-focus on individuals and how to satisfy their own every desire. Actual experience tells us a very different story… life is most precious when shared. As Goldie and I (Whiskey) grow in our love and expand our horizons for living life fully, it’s been unbelievable how very few resources there are focused solely on couples. Looking for date night ideas near us, to planning trips to our dream destinations, has left us searching numerous sites and patching together the best of what can be found… enter Love Destinations.

As we began compiling the best resources that could be found, there was a trend that quickly emerged. Shared experience was the core of our desire, but each of the items we found naturally nestled into one of four very distinct categories; LIFE, TRAVEL, FASHION and FOOD. Our belief is that we aren’t the only ones seeking these types of quality content, and our hope is that Love Destinations can be that resource for you and your love.


Choose your own adventure

A guide for living a life of love through shared experiences and relationship growth.


A couple’s resource and catalyst for romantic adventures and intimate connections.


Exploring the joys and comforts of culinary delights both at home and as you travel.


Embracing the beauty of you through the refinement and enjoyment of style.

The best gift you could have given her is a life of adventure

Meet Goldie

A true citizen of the world, Goldie possesses an insatiable desire to experience and expand. Falling in love with Parisian culture while obtaining her classical culinary training, a fire was lit to experience all the beauty the world has to offer. Though she may appear as fashionable and timeless as they come (as her name denotes), she is the first to hop on a chopper to basecamp of Everest or take her Defender over any extreme mountain pass she can find. Fearless, passionate and the soft strength that fuels Whiskey sums her up best.

Meet whiskey

A man’s man with a tender heart. From a young age, Whiskey had a longing for adventure. Getting his name from his unusual eye color, with salt and pepper in his caramel beard and ‘spicy’ disposition, he rarely finds himself sitting idle. As an entrepreneur, he favors ventures that lead him to travel and explore as often as possible. After meeting Goldie, the love of his life, the ever growing desire to explore was fully alive… now as a team. He is Goldie’s safe place to be herself unapologetically and she is the fire that keeps him seeking more.

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