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Escape to the City of Lights and be seduced by intricate gardens, scenic riverfronts, amorous alleyways, and idyllic attractions, a must!

Escape to the City of Lights and be seduced by intricate gardens, scenic riverfronts, amorous alleyways, and attractions that are ideally suited for couples. Paris, France’s capital, is without a doubt one of THE most romantic places on the planet. Set amongst some of the world’s most stunningly beautiful architecture, and a true global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture, Paris is an epicenter for passionate encounters. Don’t get lost in the trappings of the usual and mundane touristy locales, instead fall headlong into the ideal and supremely enchanting haunts that assure Paris’ spot as the city for lovers.

Where to Stay

ritz paris
This hotel in the heart of Place Vendome is the ultimate in Parisian glamour and refinement. Set on one of the most beautiful squares in Paris, the Ritz hotel lures you in hook line and sinker, romancing your heart and mind into the grand reality of true Parisian lore and legend. This treasure trove of a hotel is Goldie’s TOP hotel in the world and her ultimate happy place. View on Google.

Paris Perfect
Paris Perfect is the absolute perfect place to find an apartment that will leave you breathless and feeling like a true Parisian local. Renting your own luxury residence in this dreamy Paris location undoes the sense of simply being a tourist in another hotel, and instead saturates the soul with sense that you are indeed living the life a chic Parisian. View on Google.

Le Relais Saint Germain
This 17th century house located just steps from the bustling boulevard Saint Germain is an elegant hotel which is a perfect launching point for a regal, yet budget friendly stay in the heart of the 6th. This upscale, library themed hotel, features beautiful amenities coupled with some of the best dining in Paris. View on Google.

Where to eat

Le Comptoir
This tiny gem of a French brasserie adeptly highlights the many talents of acclaimed chef Yves Camborde, and mesmerizes the palate with fair both neo and classical all in one bite. This bijou of a bistro books weeks in advance for dinner, but queue up for the lunch service and thank your lucky stars to be enjoying Michelin rated excellence bar none. View on Google.

Le Relais de l’Entrecote
A Parisian institution, this restaurant’s prix-fixed menu of salad, steak, uber secret sauce and fries so magnificent that even the queue-weary French line up to dine at this classic bistro, will knock your knee-highs or pantyhose completely off! A better meal, with a side of people watching, cannot be had in Paris, nor at a better price. View on Google.

This very fine American restaurant set in THE MOST romantic and beautiful setting in Paris, is a must on every trip that Goldie makes to the City of Light. Set amidst a jewel box garden, encircled by Ralph Lauren’s flagship store in Paris, this eatery is the epitome of hospitality and sophisticated American fare that causes even the discerning French to ooh and aah! (Be absolutely sure to leave a little room at the end of the meal for the most decadent caramel popcorn offering in existence). View on Google.

Where to shop

Le Bon Marche
Located on the cusp between the 6th and 7th Arrondissements of Paris, prepare yourself to spend an entire day at THE fantasma of French fashion, food and culture. This emporium of gorgeous goods is the embodiment of authentic French fashion done in the true spirit of elegance. Founded in 1838, one of the first modern department stores, Bon Marche continues today to be the upper echelon of French chic. View on Google.

This pitch perfect French sister to American Target is one of Goldie’s top shopping haunts when in Paris. This brilliant department store is where the chic Parisanne shops to complete her perfect high / low ensemble, and is the ultimate place to find gifts to take home for loved ones at prices that make even the most discerning blush. (Do not miss the cashmere sweaters and scarves at unbelievable prices!) View on Google.

Didier Ludot
One visit to this temple of French luxury will have even the most modest shopper curiously stimulated and feeling like adopting je ne sais quoi that Parisians exude and exemplify. This institution of vintage located in the Palais Royal makes for many hours lost in a fashionista’s paradise of timeless and iconic discoveries. View on Google.

Best places to watch the sunset

Pont Neuf Bridge
This, the oldest bridge in Paris, is the perfect spot to watch as the city puts on display its iconic rose colored glow as the sun sets over the Seine. It is one of THE most romantic spots in a city full of amorous offerings. Be sure to bring a bottle of wine and stick around to catch Eiffel’s ethereal 5-minute sparkle at the top of every hour after sunset! View on Google.

Perfect picnic spot

Jardin Luxumberg Gardens
This gem of the St. Germain des Pres quarter is the perfect spot to cop a squat with a crusty baguette, one of the country’s hundred choices of incredible cheeses, a French red, and watch the Parisian way of life unfold in all its glory. There is no better location to binge watch the Parisian way of life and love! View on Google.

Date night idea

Fat tire evening Bike Tours Paris
You’ll find no better way to see and experience the city of Light in all its night-time splendor than by bike! This tour includes breathtaking views of Paris’ most iconic landmarks all aglow, as well as an hour long cruise down the Seine while sipping on the French beverage of choice…wine. View on Google.

Places to get lost in

Atelier Des Lumineres
A romantic multi-sensory and immersive museum where digital art meets music to utterly sweep you and yours into a state of blissful otherworldliness. This museum will seduce every one of your senses and leave you breathless with a satiated heart full of memories that will last you and your Boo a lifetime! View on Google.

Hidden Romantic Spot

Place Dauphine
A hidden delight unknown to most, not far from Pont Neuf, this public square is the perfect locale to hold hands, sneak a kiss, grab a restorative glass of wine or even splurge on an authentic and enchanting meal at one of this charming plaza’s restaurants. View on Google.

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