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My Kinsman Redeemer
By: Goldie

Do you remember what it felt like as you were heading to your first date with the one you now love? I think back on ours, we met at the Emma Hotel on a cold day in January. I was plumb-full of expectation and excitement. From the moment I laid eyes upon Whiskey, I KNEW he was special and lovely and a man of moral substance, and so… my hopes were soaring as I entered the courtyard and set my eyes upon him. Everything about him made my heart expand. Having been widowed three years earlier, I wondered if I should check myself a little and guard my heart, but once Whiskey took my hand in his, the whole world fell away, and every thought of self-preservation evaporated in his presence.  He literally placed his hand firmly upon my heart from the first moment of our first date, and he has guarded it with his life, his breath, his everything, since. I fell in love then and there. I fall more in love with him by the second. I choose him everyday. He will forever be my redemption, my angel man. 

Encouragement today to get a little nostalgic, remember your first date with the one your soul loves and smile. Being in love is a cherished gift, let us stoke the embers. 

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