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Il Pellicano Hotel
By: Goldie

This iconic Tuscan hotel has been on almost everyone’s bucket list, from glamorous Hollywood royalty to the average arm-chair traveller.  Born out of two lovers & their romantic hideaway in a very secret cove, one an American socialite & the other a dapper British aviator; together they created a sumptuous Tuscan home that was soon transformed into a supremely luxurious hotel in the stunning beauty of the azure sea.  This location is ripe with possibilities for romance, spontaneity & seduction.  Set in a pristine & private cove, and sheltered by rugged cliffs and the deep and intoxicating blues of the sea, this Tuscan abode is worthy of drool-worthy admiration and the hopes of many hearts to experience. The rooms are soft, airy & full of beautiful natural light that illuminates not only the beauty of the space, but the heart with deep comfort and a child-like joy.  This is THE perfect spot to lazily sleep in with your Boo, call for a divinely appointed breakfast in bed, all while feasting not only on your love, but also on the delectable coastal Tuscan views & lovely landscape.  Plan on an afternoon, or two (or three), at the ethereal & unparalleled pool, where you can sip on Prosecco or the infamous Pellicano Negroni, or even a healthy, fresh-pressed juice from the juice bar, and leisurely lounge while the day slips away as you are lulled by the rhythmic and relaxing waves rippling on the stunning Tyrrhenian sea views.

Stays at this stunning hotel on the tuscan coast are sure to be insta-worthy extraordinaire. lounge at the iconic pool, sipping on the perfect italian cocktail, as you doze off into a tuscan dream bar none.

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