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High – Low
By: Goldie

Goldie was first introduced to the concept of High/Low fashion while living amongst the “unicorns” of effortlessly chic, the French.  She became enamored by their confident ability to pair a few high fashion pieces with simple & inexpensive staples.  Goldie was on a mission to learn this imitation-worthy magic and to embody it as the Parisienne did, with a deep and overwhelming self-confidence.  Leaning towards a few quality pieces (over quantity), and peppering in looks from discount box-stores, to achieve the ultimate French allure of chic and personal authenticity.

Choosing quality staples over trends is the first step in achieving this certain embodiment of refinement.  Investing in well-made shoes & handbags, well-cut slacks and a dress or skirt, and of course a nice piece of jewelry that sparkles with your own uniquity (the French live by less is more in general, but with jewelry especially), and accessorizing inexpensively for all else.  Fewer, but better, options simplifies the process of dressing for the day & amplifies the desired outcome exponentially! Très chic!

confident and chic dressing doesn’t have to break the bank or the clock… adopt the french fashion ideology of High/low and sail through the day, with money still in hand.

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