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Goldie’s Carry-on Essentials
By: Goldie
  • Hermès Herbag Carry-on – This is the ultimate in luxury & timeless luggage…sure to be an heirloom piece. This bag is not only beautiful, but beyond functional– roomy enough for every travel necessity you might ever need, and it’s body is made in a soft canvas that can squish & conform to any storage size compartment available on the plane.
  • Stow Travel Organizer – This leather travel “helper” keeps phone chargers from tangling, adeptly stows ipads, passports, credit cards, powers your phone for those long flights and does so beautifully & with understated style!
  • White & Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap – Goldie’s top choice for affordable cashmere pieces that stand the test of time and continue to look good for years to come.  This travel wrap is chic as a wrap or scarf while running through the airport, and large enough to cover you as a cozy blanket in flight!
  • White & Warren Cashmere Slippers –  The perfect little slipper to keep your toes warm on the flight, but in no way clunky looking.  These little foot gems are effortlessly fashionable,  and resemble the French ballet flats that Parisians have made iconic.
  • Dr. Sturm’s Flight Essentials Kit – This little kit of beauty essentials keeps you covered in the beauty department as you are in the air.  No more dry, irritated & puffy skin post-flight, this little gem of a set includes a sheet mask, rich face cream, super anti-aging serum, as well as a calming serum.
  • Longchamp La Pliage Foldable Bag – This multi-tasker of a bag is a staple in the French woman’s arsenal, and for good reason…it folds up into a tiny little box to stow easily, and once open can carry large amounts of loot or a hefty supply of picnic supplies.  Goldie never leaves the country without this diamond-in-the-rough of a travel hack!

goldie’s carry-on has been honed down to the perfect essentials over the last decade+ of her travels. Let this be inspiration for your next long-haul flight!

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