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Date Night
By: Goldie

Date ideas for men  |  Active + Night Out

This is your time to shine…get creative and make sure to plan a full experience for her. I use the menu ideology when putting a date night agenda together… appetizer, main course, desert.

Some fun appetizer ideas are sunset views, speak-easy cocktails (pace yourself), or even a walk through a classy part of town (if she’s not in heels). For dinner, atmosphere is everything. Avoid stiff places and don’t be scared to try something new. Most importantly, dessert is a must. If she loves chocolate or ice cream, find a nice local option. When you’re ready to really impress her, have something at home that pairs with a nice champagne like fresh chocolate covered strawberries.

If your city is not covered yet here on Love Destinations…

  • Google “best sunset views near me”
  • Google “dim light dinner spots near me”
  • Google “local ice cream OR chocolate shops”

Scent, style, simplicity. Think in that order and you’re already miles ahead. It’s okay to be a man, let her be the sexy one.

Date ideas for men Love Destinations


A good portion of your dates should be outdoors, being active. Dinner and drinks is great, but get creative to keep things fun and fresh. When planning an activity, consider conversation and connection over noisy and crowded.

As far as dressing the part, keep things simple. Soft, touchable and staying fresh is where I like to start. Below are a few of my go-to options for some active fun.


Getting ready… She’s the sexy one in the relationship, let her be the focal point. Dress nice, but minimal. A soft touchable shirt is a must and fitting (not Spandex) jeans are smart too. Fit is the most important thing to consider.

You can find classy options at almost any price point, choose a style that fits you. You wear the outfit, don’t purchase something that wears you.

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