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Ted Lasso
By: Goldie

This AppleTV original series is a stark and welcoming contrast to the “norm” of what is currently represented in most TV series…it is charming, hopeful and hilarious.  Ted Lasso follows a small-town college football coach headed to the UK to manage a struggling London Premier league football (aka soccer) team.  The hijinx that ensue due to the associated culture shock, jaded fans and Ted’s utter underdog positioning, are charming, winsome and beyond feel-good.  Lasso’s unrelenting optimism & kind-hearted goodness leave the viewer satiated with hope, and the outstanding humor of Sudeikis’ character is pitch-perfect and a revelation of warmth…a triumph of a TV show.  Sudeikis describes the premise of the show as the, “idea that good and evil exist in the world and how we respond to it is all you really have control over.”  He goes on to say that one of the the mottoes of the show is to, “leave space for God to walk into the room.”  Well Mr, Sudeikis, mission accomplished!

Goldie and whiskey’s top tv series pick… ever!

Ted Lasso Love Destinations
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