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Spring Handbags on Rotation
By: Gabriella

It’s been just over a week since I’ve switched my leather tote, to that of a raffia handbag. It’s beautiful and I was thrilled to bring it out again after it’s seasons of hiding. Raffia, rattan and jute bags are a no-brainer for springtime! The natural fibers are easy and lightweight. Whether adorning for a simple outing or a travel excursion, adding this spring-time classic to your band of accessories is a brilliant idea! We’ve pulled together a fair grouping of highs and lows – check ‘em out below!

Mango, Jute Basket Bag – $60

Mango, Leather Handmade Maxi Basket Bag – $100

Anthropologie, Lyra Rattan Crossbody Bag – $78

Kooreloo, Riviera Maxima Raffia Tote Bag – $550

Chloe Marcie – $690

You don’t have to break the bank to have a stylish bag for every day of the week!

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