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The coastal town of San Diego holds both a low-key, laid back vibe and that of a lively atmosphere. This sunny, vibrant & temperate Pacific coast locale is celebrated for its beaches, parks, & bustling cultural pockets, like Little Italy, Gaslamp, Coronado and so many more. 

We’ve hunted down, eaten & drank, & experienced all the fullness of San Diego to bring you the top places and recommendations for the very best & most romantic trip to soCal possible!  The climate is more-than-fine all year long, so pack your bags with a blend of outfits to accommodate all San Diego has to offer…fun, fancy, & fitness.  Get ready for that sun-kissed glow and warm coastal air with your forever companion! 

Where to Stay

The Fairmont Grand Del Mar
Rated one of the best hotels in the nation – and top five in California, the Fairmount Grand Del Mar is sure to please. A stay here is like an escape to the Mediterranean without hopping on a plane to Europe. Stoke the passion of romance and indulge in the many offerings the premise holds. Whether laying by the pool, hitting the spa or simply sitting by the fireside, you and yours will leave fully rejuvenated and relaxed. View on Google.

Funki Adventures
We’ll admit, sleeping on top of a jeep in San Diego is not your typical stay; but we’re all about unique adventures with the one you love. Escape away into solitude and explore soCals great outdoors. Funki Adventures company does a fantastic job in preparing you to take on wonderful memories outside of the norm. Nights under the stars and days spent exploring various facets of creation specific to the San Diego area is time well spent. View on Google.

The US GRANT is rich with over one hundred years of history. Built before the prohibition the hotel has been tastefully modernized and offers resort style appeal in the heart of downtown San Diego. On site you’ll find several restaurants to appease any palette and a spa that offers an escape into a restorative oasis. Take out on foot and breathe in the ocean-air; many of the city’s offerings are within walking distance, including Balboa Park but if you’re wanting to go to the zoo, save your steps and hitch a ride. View on Google.

Where to Eat

Ironside Fish & oyster
This lovely Little Italy offering is the TOP spot for locals, and travelers alike, to enjoy a truly authentic taste of San Diego. Set smack dab in the heart of the quaint neighborhood of Little Italy, this fun hipster seafood-centric restaurant is the perfect place to dine alfresco, people (and dog) watch, and work your way through a tower of abundantly fresh seafood, all while sipping on the terrific wine & cocktail offerings. View on Google.

Craft & Commerce
While the modern world turns, here is a place that takes us back. Opened in classic Little Italy, Craft & Commerce aesthetically resembles that of a dimly-lit cabin. Walls adorned with both classic reads and century-old taxidermy welcomes diners into rich conversation. The menu, seasonally changing, offers a jubilant take on old favorites. Start with a classic cocktail and whisk away into making memories. View on Google.

carnita’s Snack Shack
It’s been said that San Diego is the taco capital of the United States and we’d push that taco’s can be eaten, morning, noon and night. Enter Carnitas’ Snack Shack. Their waterfront location encourages that local vibe. Get there using public transport and take on the sounds of the shore. With pork always cooking, you’d be remiss not to get the carnitas. View on Google.

Wayfarer Bread
Mhe aroma leading up to Wayfarer Bread brings a sweet smile to the heart. The bakery specializes in small-batch loaves and pastries, though recently welcomed fresh made pizza pies to the menu! The baker leading the kitchen, Crystal White, has an extensive background in the niche and she is doing a fabulous job. We recommend…well, everything on the menu is fantastic! View on Google.

Where to Shop

Tucci Boutique
San Diego is known for its soCal style and while the relaxed vibe is popular, Jessica Agatucci of Tucci Boutique brings a blend of sweet elevation. Stop in one of her two shops and find a mix of contemporary and high-end wears. This one is noted for the ladies and boy do we love it. View on Google.

The story of Pigment began to unfold in 2007; starting first as an art gallery. It has since expanded beyond, to include artisanal candles, happy pieces of stationary and even plants. The floor holds an array of well curated home goods too and we’re sure anything purchased will bring a sweet refreshment to your space, plus will spark the joy of a memory. View on Google.

Liberty Public Market | Baker & Olive
Located in Liberty Public Market, Baker and Olive house premium olive oils from around the world. Salts, spices and balsamics too. They even offer oils and vinegars in carry-on friendly amounts. Locally sourced honey can be found here as well, and if you ask us, these kitchen additions will continue to make cooking fun when back home. View on Google.

Best Place to Watch The Sunset

Sunset Cliffs
The name alone denotes that taking in the sunset here simply makes sense. The rugged terrain reminds us of the unique facets of this world. Even the drive up Sunset Boulevard serves breathtaking views. Make sure you get to the top before the sun starts to go down; it’s an overwhelming, awe-inspiring experience you won’t want to miss. Remember to take in the sounds and scents of the moment. View on Google.

Perfect Picnic Spot

Picnic by Nature
When in soCal picking out the most perfect picnic spot is a bit of a challenge. Bird Rock, Mission Beach, La Jolla; the options seem endless! When we stumbled upon Picnic by Nature, we were quickly enticed by their offerings. A start-up based in San Diego, specializing in pretty little feasts. The owner, Sarah Modet has a passion to lay out the vibe and let you and yours slow down, take in the scene and indulgently graze. This trip, let them take care of you when it comes to all things picnicking. View on Google.

Date night idea

Rooftop Cinema Club
It’s the nostalgia of a drive-in movie brought to modern-day time, Rooftop Cinema allows you to catch a classic flick hand in hand and under the stars. The wireless headphones they provide make for great sound and a great selfie. Enjoy your time with wonderful views of the city and that sweet and salty goodness of cinema food. View on Google.

Places to get lost in

Little Italy
Lose the concept of time and stroll the quaint streets of Little Italy. A neighborhood lively with action both morning and night. Embrace the culture and fuel the day with a fresh cappuccino and enjoy galleries full of work from local artists. Cruise the pavement with steps in sync and smile. You’re in Little Italy with the one your heart loves. View on Google.

Hidden Romantic Spot

La Jolla Sea Caves
There are so many stunning places to explore in San Diego. Consider setting up for a water adventure and book either a stand-up paddle board or a kayak to navigate to the La Jolla Sea Caves. An activity that will bring much laughter and enjoyment, as well as a little bit of history. As it turns out these caves had been used by pirates, though today, you’ll find sea lions and seals taking up the space. View on Google.

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