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From sunsets to city lights, New York provides the ultimate backdrop for romance. Sojourn to the city that never sleeps and be transfixed

Sojourn to the city that never sleeps and be transfixed by her abundant and charming choosings for lovers. This city is chalk-full of poetic possibilities, from the fairy-tale quality of Central Park to the iconically romantic skyscape of the Empire State Building. Don’t get lost in the clique of cliché NYC, instead let the five boroughs woo you to the enchanting and idyllic destinations that only the authentic Big Apple can offer. New York’s offerings for the smitten would easily win Cupid’s approval!

Where to Stay

Plaza New York
The Plaza is the ultimate in NYC luxury and romantic lifestyle destinations. This glorious and iconic NYC institution strikes the perfect balance between tradition and contemporary grandeur. The afternoon tea is a must even if you choose another hotel to make your abode while in the Big Apple, and do not miss the Food Hall downstairs… it’s worthy of an hour or two or three! View on Google.

The James Hotel
This NoMad boutique hotel is a hub for creatives seeking a certain spirit of convivial sophistication idyllically located in a Beaux Arts building from 1904. Perfectly set in the central part of New York, this hotel is a terrific and convenient jumping off place to experience all that NYC has to offer. View on Google.

The William Vale
A modern and luxurious hotel in the heart of Brooklyn which prides itself on its impeccable service and outstanding views. A hub for Williamsburg visitors, this hotel knocks it out of the park with exclusive amenities like a rooftop film-screening locale, a skating rink and balconies for EVERY single room. View on Google.

Where to Eat

Wistfully located in the historic West Village, this neighborhood bistro is a French refuge in the midst of the hustle and bustle of America’s great city, and is a perfect date spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Dip into this gastroteque and allow yourself to be transported by the rich and buttery delights of authentic French fare. View on Google.

Polo Bar
This hard-to-get reservation is definitely worthy of any and all attempts! The food, simple American done exceptionally well, is a revelation. This bougie and beautiful restaurant is worthy of several hours of your time. The atmosphere is one of a true neighborhood joint, tho’ an elevated one, and rends an immediate immersive experience of true New York brass. View on Google.

A classic old school Italian American amalgamation of outstanding food in an ethereal setting, this house of excellence on every level, is a terrific and opulent date night option. The retroglam space is a perfect spot to grab a booth and snuggle up with your beloved while feeding one another deftly-cooked delicious pasta by a Michilen-rated chef. View on Google.

Where to Shop

Beacon’s Closet
A goldmine of vintage in this very fashionable city, Beacon’s Closet is a home-grown, locally owned, 100% Brooklyn-based female company. Dive into the seemingly endless racks of rare and unusual finds all the while rubbing elbows with ultra chic New Yorkers. View on Google.

Dimes Market NYC
One of the best purveyors of quality produce, utensils, healthy-ish food, & everything save the kitchen sink, in NYC proper. An apothecary extraordinaire for the home, cook, or lazy day grocery shopper. Leaving Dimes, you’ll feel like a foodie billionaire! View on Google.

Bergdorf Goodman
THE flagship and mother-load to boot, Bergdorf Goodman is a perfect outlet for iconic NYC window shopping… the window displays are legendary and truly pieces of art. Dip into this landmark store to experience a wonderland of high-end designer brands that are curated to the hilt. View on Google.

Best Place to Watch The Sunset

Highline Park
Every Tuesday from April to October, head to Highline Park for the FREE stargazing session that the Amateur Astronomers Assc. leads.This dreamy affair gives you astronaut-worthy views of rare celestial bodies above the park in the city that never sleeps. View on Google.

Perfect Picnic Spot

Hallett Nature Sanctuary in Central Park
This section of Central Park is known as the “secret garden” of the city, and for good reason, it will more than appeal to your conservationist side, as it is a real-life wildlife refuge right in the middle of this bustling and beautiful city. It is a peaceful haven and the ultimate spot for breaking bread with your beloved. View on Google.

Date night idea

Pizza School
A hands-on, made from scratch, pizza workshop where you and your honey can hone your culinary skills while tasting the fruit of your labors. This laboratory of dough and sauce is a perfect spot to impress all your Insta friends!  View on Google.

Places to get lost in

Gallow Green Bar
This rooftop bar is the ideal spot to cozy up in and forget that you’re in NYC. Festooned in lush greenery and an abundance of twinkling lights, the mood is set for utter enchantment and amorous fun.  Grab your guy or girl & and get lost in this cinematic-worthy view. View on Google.

Hidden Romantic Spot

Little Branch (LB)
Tuck into Little Branch and enjoy a drink in an underground 20’s-style speakeasy and den of mixology. This warm, cozy and candlelit basement cocktail bar is the perfect place to cuddle up with your sweetie while listening to some of the city’s best jazz. View on Google.

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